Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Measuring Problems Term 4

Term 4 Km and M

Convert these measurements to either km or m

3000 m = 3km

15.5 km =15500m

4500 m = 4.5km

13500 m = 13.5km

6.7 km =6700m

9700 m = 9.7km

5.6 km =5600m

4.9 km =4900m

7800 m =7.8km

12.9 km =12900m

300 m =0.3km

0.9 km =900m

6.5 km =6500m

0.65 km =650m

700 m =0.7km

750 m = 0.75km

4500 m =4.5km

1.4 km = 1400m

Cave Drawing Animation

Monday, 15 October 2018

My term 4 goals

Term 4 Goals and Expectations
Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

The school holidays for term 3 2018 is now OVER,and a new start has began.This term our topic is
te-wa-toi which stands for time for art,we will be learning all about art this term and i am ready for
what ever comes my way.

These are the things we have on this term:
2.Prize giving
3.Year 6 camp
4.Film festival
6. Reports
7.The next school holidays
8.Next year
9.Leaving year six

10.Becoming a year 7

My goals for this term are:
1.Being a role model for the year ½ ¾
2.Breaking my test record\
3.Going for my most achieved goal
4.Getting more better at reading and writing
5,And going for the most improved in my class

6.Getting better at sports

I would like to learn about how art is inspiring to others, and how art can look so realistic to others. I just wanna be good at everything that i can achieve.And how can i achieve my goal.