Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi  my name is Jarreka and this is my animation about cave art.Cave art is all about history and how it was made,well my story is all about a legendry and brave girl that once defeated a strong sabertooth.

This story is based on a place in NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA.Where sabertooth once lived,this amazing girl had no fear in this sabertooth tiger nore did he,all this little girl ever wanted was food.She had it,she did not want to back down from her pray so she let out a sigh graped her knife and went on to go find what she needed.There it was a big and strong sabertooth tiger,yes that was all she needed,she ran to the rock and put out her hand,after three strikes the sabertooth tiger was down.

Many years after that people started to keep those memories alive so they worte pictures of moa sabertooth and cave people but they didn't just write pictures of moa and sabertooth tigers they wrote storys of many animals.And one day i hope you could find a cave with art in it. 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Time with my friends

On Thursday the 25th of october rooms 6/7 and 8 had a meeting
with the year fives.As we all know there is always a day where the
kids(that’s us) have to do a test,well that’s how our day started off.

Mr Goodwin and the teachers had a little game for us,I mean well it wasn't really a game okay it was a game.have you ever heard of a game
named hit your teacher with water well i have and it was so fun that even
the fact of testing didn’t even bother me.Anyway back to the game.The first
thing we had to do was to get a bucket of water then we had to get some yellow
sponges then...oh yeah kids whatever you do just don't be stupid and try to hit your
teacher with a sponge okay.Anyways then we had to put the sponges
in some water and after three to one go!!.yes we did have to
hit our teachers with water.and the fun part is we got to squeeze the water
on top of our teachers head isn’t that cool.And man did i have fun so did all
my friends,i would really like to thank the teachers for doing that for us.

Well at some time we had to stop.that game was so amazing Mr Goodwin thought that we
should maybe go back to class so we did we ended up going back to class.

After Morning Tea…

“Wow the days all ready going by so fast “i said in a quiet voice as Mr Goodwin
was talking.Well after Mr Goodwin finished talking i had a deep breath in and a deep
breath out and started thinking about how i was gonna do this,(Hmmm maybe i
should just focus on what i’m doing now?)yup that is what i was going to do so
i did and now i’m here smiling at all my friends well doing my test.Thank
you teachers!!!


    The end

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Mt Smart Stadium MSS

Hi my name is Jarreka and this is all about my game at mt smart stadium or as i pronounce it MSS,I hope you enjoy:)

Who am i

On Tuesday the 23rd of october miss parrant had a surprise for room 8.As room 8 moved into their class miss parrant had a suspicious look on her face as if something fun was gonna happen.So let’s get started with our story.

Room 8 students were so happy and kind of tired form their long holiday that even i couldn’t
hear miss parrant speaking.well for a while there i thought that our classroom would be noisy
forever but lucky room 8 saw how miss parrant was looking at them and decided that they
should quite down.

Any way have you ever heard of a game named Who am i?Well i have.
Now let me explain how the game works,

Step 1.Get a partner
Step 2.Get a piece of paper
Step 3.Get some tape/or some other sticky staff
Step 4.Get a pencil

And start in three,two,one GO!

The clock was racing so was my heart.Jordin
And I were racing the clock.And as i got closer to the answer a little
hint came into my head,that’s when the clock hit 3 minutes
“Oh no only three minutes!!”.”ummm!! I know justin timberlake!!”
Jordin and i jumped into excitement “YAS,YAS,YAS!!”
we quickly ran to Miss parrant and “BAM were done”

Miss parrant:“Well done girls”
This game was so extraordinary and so fun to play.This game did go well but not at the end.This game was extremely funny and so much fun to play.But at some point  i was being a little too competitive,well at least jordin and i had fun...right?well i hope i can play this game again.