Thursday, 30 July 2015

Treasure ianded

 Land I see, Pirates. They all landed on treasure island and dug and dug. But it was a trick. DHa,ha, ha laughed the captain Black Patch. I tricked all you pirates. Cook made lots of food. He made some apple pie and chicken rolls and chocolate cake. Three cheers for cook.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Every  Tuesday  after Lunch room  13 went to kiwispot basketball  in the hall. we  Walk in the  
hall and say hello  to coaeh shenice   and  coaeh vinnie.  our coaches  tell us  all about the game  we are going to play some of the games we  play are  stuck in the mud. and  red light. and gree light.

We learnt lots of  skills.  and  dribb king these   Basketball.  at the end we  play a shooting game.  we lme  up  and  shoot  a  good. the winning team is  the  first  team  to get 5 goals. My favourlte  patt  of  basketball  is  stuck in  the mad.  Thank you to cach vinnie and cach  shenice 2/.