Thursday, 5 May 2016

Dream bedroom

Special Feature
Describe each special feature  of your dream bedroom.
Dance floor.
In the bedroom on the sIde I have a dance floor.
The dance floor makes me happy when I bougy.
In the bedroom rIght on the side. I have a dinosaur my dinosaur makes  me feel strong.
My pool’s.
In the garden I have too pool’s. My pool’s  help me tran
Laser room.
In the laser room I have a camera  and sama lasers. My lasers help me Concentrate  
Police Gadget
In my bedroom I have police Gadget’s. They help me Catch bad people.
In the bedroom right In the mitol  I have a Xbox. My Xbox makes me feel happy when I play
Shark pool.
In my bedroom I have a Shark pool. My shark makes me happy.
DJ player.
In the bedroom I have a DJ player. My DJ player makes me happy.

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