Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Te Tuhi trip

First thing in the morning  room 11 and 12 went on a trip to Te Tuhi  the art gallery But first the teaches split them  into 2 groups. The first group went in the morning. We had to put our lunch into one big bag.  When    the first group went on the trip .The second group  Stayed behind doing wetting reading and maths.The  first group went on a school  bus to Te Tuhi they meet the same person as us his name is Jeremy. He sowed the first group around te Tuhi then they Said bye to Jeremy politely And went back on the school bus at morning tea time The bus arrives at Point England school. Then a teacher Mr Moran And the other teachers were checking if all the kids were there to go on the bus. Then we went on to the bus and said hello to the bus driver.We sing songs on the way to the Art gallery. When we got to the art gallery  we saw Jeremy. Jeremy showed us the art gallery.but first he showed us the room when you create thing’s. So we made our favorite hours.After that we went to a theatre. At the theatre we saw the same opggs from the theatre. After that we said goodbye to him.

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