Friday, 28 October 2016

The hawler kids

One day there were three kids waking in the bush. There names were DJ TJ and Sam. They loved walking in the Bush but this time it was diffent when they whent For a walk samething came out of the Bush it was big and had big eyes and they were green he was a dog but way more diffent he was a hawler and he was black DJ TJ and sam were scered of him but not sam he loved dogs and cats but this one was diffent.Sam loved diffent dogs no matter what dog it is.well this hawler loved sam so sam was so happy to take him home but there was samething that the hawler dident wont to live his family but sam sad i think they will be ok for know and when they were going home and sam named it NoNa the hawler.So DJ TJ Sam and the hawler NoNa were waking back to were they came froom and sam was so happy to have a pet.

The next morning the hawley family were looking for NoNa they didn't now that NoNa was going to came back.but they saw a black hawler that looked just like NoNa.NoNa’s family were hiding and they waited for the fall moon to rise well they were waiting it happened the full moon rises now NoNa was going to came back to the pack.

The next morning NoNa was gone sam was sad so he went to DJ TJ and there little sister so he got help from them. they found NoNa and put a glass in front of him now NoNa can see how he wants from bad to good and he found DJ TJ and Sam as his family now sam can have his pet back.